Cassie has begun carving out space for herself in the industry with her innovative choreography. Her passion for growth and story-telling is undeniable, it bleeds into each of her classes. She can most frequently be found in the studio workshopping movement. Cassie has trained throughout North America attending numerous conventions, intensives and programs. She continues to take class, challenging herself and further refining her movement.  Cassies mission as an educator is to provide a sacred environment for development of artistry and self-confidence. She believes each of us are innately and infinitely creative, she strives to unlock each of her students' unique artistic expression and break through their personal blocks.

Cassie is incredibly humbled by all the opportunities she has been given over the years to influence the next generation of creatives. She is looking forward to what the years ahead have in store. 

Cassie's love for dance now branches into photography. She captures the in between moments, freezing them in time. Head over to the photography tab for more info.